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These Dark Days

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

These dark days

like black clouds over our heads,

we walk in fear,

waiting, clutching our hands.

We look around,

hear the news,

our ears, tuned to those

words of death nearby.

Hope seems so far away

as if it ran away

from our hearts,

never to return.

All over, we hear of families

in tears, shops closing doors,

people shutting their doors

to keep away death from

robbing their little ones,

those with wrinkles and sores.

We look for the sun,

the warm spring air,

but the sun, too, seems

like distant past, long-forgotten,

only in our memories

blown away by the cold winter air.

My friends, do not let the sun go down

in your hearts.

We have each other.

Though the plague

spreads like ghosts


we are human -

still alive.

We have survived the gales

of storms from ancient past -

even worse than these dark days.

We will not go down,

for we are human

and everywhere -

brothers and sisters,

though not tied by blood -

that human spirit in us

is stronger than these dark days.

How do I know?

Look at your wife

from your youth,

Look at your father,

now all grey and shaking,

Look at your little ones

in diapers, all eyes on you.

What makes us human

is that we have hands,

that feed and nurse the crying,

stitch and sew coverings

of clothing and bones,

clean and wash

the dirt and filth

of bodies and souls.

So listen to me, my friends,

stand high, though your legs tremble.

Look around,

hear the voice of hope within.

Hope is never without.

It is born within.

We must let it out

'til it bursts and clears the dark clouds

of our minds

and we see the sun

that always stands,

even in these dark days.

Don't let the fight in you die.

Don't let your hands go limp.

Don't let your tears dry your spirit.

These dark days will only be a time

You will see - it will only be a while.

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