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First of all, if you are reading this, I know you have sacrificed your precious time to read my blog. I really appreciate this and want to express my gratitude for your efforts and energy.

Through this blog, what I hope to accomplish is share with you some poems which I have written here and there. Some are really inspirational (At least, that's what I think but you may not...It's okay. I'll pat myself on the back.) and some may be downright--well, like old coffee, good for the drainage. Anyways, I hope you and I can journey this life (No, we don't have to hold hands and sing kumbaya--hope that's not too revealing of my age!) and share with each other some thoughts about life (Well, not everything, especially what lurks in those dark recesses of your dungeon--if you know what I mean.)

Well, here's the first poem. Please enjoy and give me feedback if you have any thoughts (or blood flowing through you)!

A Childish Wish

your smile like the

sea waves splatters

drops of water

from endless times

times of treasures

and pirates roaming

the seas of adventures

written on sand and sea

your face like a

forlorn angel who’s

missed her nectar

aching for attention

to look into your eyes

is like flowers

coming alive and

birds singing in a choir

your breath is like

the smell of a

scrunched green apple

mixed with the morning dew

to kiss your lips

is like tasting

honey from a peach

that melts on my tongue

your hair is like

icicles frozen overnight

made fresh from

winter’s oven

to be beside you

is like being together

on an island, no man

in sight, it’s eternal delight

drops of water from endless times

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